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Putting creators
back in control

CreatorSphere is the ultimate creator toolkit. We're like a swiss-army knife for content creators and influencers by providing a wide range of monetisation and growth tools.

What is CreatorSphere?

CreatorSphere is the ultimate creator tool combining many features to make our creator's lives easier.

Paid Fan Memberships & Loyalty

We give creators a way to earn a monthly income whilst providing fans with rewards and perks.

Post free ad-supported content

You can upload your content to CreatorSphere as well as platforms like YouTube and receive a better ad-revenue share from us (80% for you).

Alll your analytics in one place

We combine all of your social media and content analytics in one place and give you a clear way to understand your audience.

Easy to use e-commerce

Want a way to do merchandise but don't want a management company or to manage your store? ... hello 👋 we can do that too.

Brand deals without the fuss

We link you up with advertisers and manage all the fuss so you can take brand deals without the manager overhead.

Livestream & Live chat with your audience

CreatorSphere allows you to livestream and live chat with your audience in groups and one on one.

Take back control of your content & audience


CreatorSphere is an online web platform and mobile platform built for Creators to allow them to take back control of their audience and income. We provide effective and modular tools to allow creators to develop their audiences, generate additional and sustainable income whilst remaining true to their creative vision.

CreatorSphere currently takes a flat rate of 5% of all platform transactions. Whilst we are in BETA we have no plans to change this, but as we add new features, we will provide different tiers to creators to allow them to customise their experience - but don't worry - there will always be a free tier.

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